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NGO Resource INDIA

We empower you to access resources in India and abroad
Fundraising training for the NGOs
Social media fundraising training
report writing
NGOs and Financial
About us

We are a network of trained and experienced professionals of Fundraising, Project Management, NGO management, endeavoring to empower NGOs who are willing to learn and embark on an unbeaten path to access resources that are available in India and abroad. We are a group of people committed to supporting the cause of the NGOs to access resources that will result in creating a great impact on the society.

Our approach

This present era of scientific temper requires ever changing methods to show the impact that is created by the support of the funders and in collaboration with the efforts of the NGOs. It is very evident that there is a disconnect between the NGOs who work hard to develop the marginalized and the funders who are demanding to see the impact proved to them through a definite and planned strategy.

Our services and resources

The resource team will be willing to support the NGOs to access resources to scale up their services. The team has put together lots of resources that are available in the virtual library and in the print media

We firmly believe that the NGOs in India contribute to the growth and development of the society at large. We have witnessed the commendable services rendered by the NGOs in India to emancipate the marginalized of the society. They serve the humanity with their full heart and mind. In this great endeavor, we have seen good-hearted persons across every walk of life would like to contribute and support the NGOs. They may be individuals, families, companies and funders who are willing to come to the aid of the NGOs to bring about a change in the society toward equality and justice.

Fr.Thamburaj sdb


CSR projects access and management,  Local fundraising methods, Skilled in Social media fundraising opportunities,  Career guidance and job placement, Ecology and climate change.


Ms.Priya Sharma


Core competency in graphic designing, Web designing, social media productions, Print media productions, Digital media productions


Fr.Benjamin O'Praem


Project Management, Finance Management, North Indian Cultural milieu, Focused Emergency response 

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