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Personal appeal letters (PALs)

People give to people. It is a basic social philosophy and foundation of all charitable works.

It is one of the basic means of fundraising for a long time in Europe and American CSOs. Fund raising personal appeal letters are usually addressed to those who are able and willing to provide support in the form of monetary help. Some organizations or NGOs are working to build a bridge between the ones who require help and the ones who is standing by to help.

People are always ready to join hands for social causes, such as education of children, empowerment of women, promoting ecology or human rights or other such issues for the welfare of mankind. Personal appeal letter is sometimes the most effective way to convey your message regarding certain needs and wants of the poor and the marginalised of the society. It is usually written when an individual is looking for some support from the society.​

  • You should follow a balanced approach and make everything clear to the donors

  • The tone of the language should be positive and expect a positive outcome.

  • The style of writing the letter should be direct and simple and should avoid complications.

  • Take special care to present your case in the first paragraph itself.

  • Thank them in advance

  • Please tell a short success story in 5 lines and people will read it.

  • Please insert a picture of a beneficiary or situation.

  • Three paragraphs, Appeal story, Call to action.

  • Add a list of call to action.

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