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Peer to peer fundraising

You may have seen individuals approaching passers-by in public places to contribute for a cause. This fund raising strategy is sometimes called Direct Dialogue or Face-to-Face fund raising. Direct Dialogue fund raising is one of the strategies that some non-profit organizations do to make their cause known while at the same time appeal for a donation.

Greenpeace, UNICEF, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and World Vision, Don Bosco are some of the non-profit organizations who use this strategy. The streets (that is why it is also called street fund raising) and the malls are popular venues for this type of fund raising strategy.

In the metropolitan cities of India, you will see non-profit organizations putting up booths in malls with their representatives approaching prospective donors to explain what the organization does and how their contribution could help.

Usually, the representatives distribute brochures describing the programs of the non-profit organization. When the prospective donor expresses interest in the organization, they are asked to sign a donation form.Some non-profit organizations assign their own staff to conduct face-to-face solicitation. Others request their volunteers to help.

    There are also non-profit organizations who hire a professional group to implement the Direct Dialogue strategy for them, especially if they do not have the skills, manpower, or the network to conduct the activity.

    Because it requires special skills and a positive disposition from those implementing it, Direct Dialogue fund raising is considered by some as very challenging. Those who do this strategy must be persistent enough to carry on despite being rejected by prospective donors. Aside from these traits, they must be committed to and convinced of their cause.

    The advantage of doing Direct Dialogue fund raising is that you actually get to meet the prospective donors and discuss how they can help. Because of the face-to-face interaction, you can immediately answer queries and address concerns that are raised. And, you have a good chance of getting a pledge or a donation at once.

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