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School and event fundraising

Education to social giving is a programme conducted by Don Bosco. It is a programme where the students are involved to collect the funds for the children deprived of education and common amenities.

Through this programme the staff identifies the schools in a particular area and asks permission to conduct the programme in the respective schools.

The programme includes different topics to be said to the students to make them aware of realities of the world. This develops in children at a very young age, the habit of giving. This could built a life-long bond between the children and us, if we succeed in getting permission from the school authorities to conduct their programme in their school as an annual feature. When these children grow up and start earning, they would think of us when they like doing an act of charity. (Catch them Young).

We give children an awareness of the realities in the lives of numerous disadvantaged children around them. Hopefully they will become less self-centred and more thoughtful of the needy. They begin to appreciate better what they have at home/school and become more grateful to their parents, teacher and school authorities.

II Process and Key Roles

  1. List out all the schools in your given area

  2. Identify the school in your giving areas:In a particular area identify 4 to 5schools at a time so that the staff can go and take permission from all the schools in one area and same way target each area one by one

  3. The staff can also call the school for the appointment and once the appointment is fixed can go to the school and meet the principal personally to explain about the programme and Don Bosco.

  4. The staff should have the ID cards and visiting cards of Don Bosco and introductory letter and consent forms in hand before entering the school premises.

  5. ID cards, Visiting cards, introductory letters and consents forms would be given to staff after the training.

  6. Give the introductory letter signed by the Director given to you by the organisation for permission.

  7. Talk to the Head of the school and explain to her about Don Bosco and DB networks and our works and ask for permission for dates suitable for the school.

  8. After getting the permission from the schools you need to intimate the head of the department for the forms you need for the distribution to the students.

  9. The staff needs to send a mail for the same to the head or can also tell on what’s app which will be formed by the head and all the staff of the departments will be a part of it with the Director and the Asst. Director.

  10. The staff needs to update daily on the what’s app group about his work

  11. Monthly report has to be send to the head of the department on 30th of Every month

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