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About US


We are a network of trained and experienced professionals of NGO management, Fundraising, Project Management, endeavoring to empower NGOs who are willing to learn and embark on an unbeaten path to access resources that are available in India and abroad. We are a group of people committed to supporting the cause of the NGOs to access resources that will result in creating a great impact on the society.

We wish to bring the funders and the NGOs to a common platform where they meet with each other. They realize their demand met through a well-planned training and articulation of expectations.

We have well-designed training programs that will empower the NGOs to present their cause to the funders with a well-planned strategy that will ensure the impact of emancipating the marginalized of the society.

We firmly believe that the NGOs in India contribute to the growth and development of the society at large. We have witnessed the commendable services rendered by the NGOs in India to emancipate the marginalized of the society. They serve the humanity with their full heart and mind. In this great endeavor, we have seen good-hearted persons across every walk of life would like to contribute and support the NGOs. They may be individuals, families, companies and funders who are willing to come to the aid of the NGOs to bring about a change in the society toward equality and justice.

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