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Our goal is to create awareness among the young people to respect the environment they enjoy. We make them respect, renew and reuse the natural resources for a better world.

We want to create a better world for the generations to come. We endeavor to obtain the collaboration of the young people to save the earth with all its flora and fauna. We wish to create a sense of urgency in the youth to participate in the movement that strenuously encourages allto contribute in protecting, preserving and permeating theenvironment. We have a set of down to earth syllabus to teach. It has been prepared and utilized by the climate change warriors across the world. We can bring awareness to the primary school children to the university students with media tools on the need to address the problem of climate change and environment protection.​

Climate change and you

  1. Introduction

  2. Environment and Pollution

  3. Plastics

  4. Recycling

  5. Water Conservation

  6. Conservation-Energy

  7. Conservation-Electricity

  8. Bureau of Energy Efficiency

  9. Conservation and Cooking

  10. Conservation and Transport

  11. Green Building

  12. Future Energy Options

  13. Global Warming

  14. Health and  Hygiene

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