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Corporate Social Responsibility - Funds access 

The companies in India are coming forward to fulfill their commitment to the society for the last few years. We see a large increase in corporate spending for the social cause across India. Thanks to the 2015 corporate law enacted by the central government of India forcing the companies to comply with the rule of spending 2% of their profit for the social promotional activities. NGOs have been collaborating with many companies and implement social change driven projects that have resulted in great impact.

​We train the NGO staff in different aspects of accessing the CSR funds through practical classes and empower them with skills to obtain adequate funds to carry on their services  to the society.​

  • DataBase Collection

  • Analysis of Corporate

  • Appointment with the corporate

  • Objection Handling

  •  If agreed for Partnership

  •  Implementation

  •  Monitoring and Reporting          

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