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Fundraising methods for  NGO 

We provide training to the NGOs and their staff to access resources within India and abroad. NGOs will be trained in various fundraising methods that were well-tried out and proved to be successful.

Local fundraising methods

  1. Personal Appeal Letters – PALs

  2. Event Management Resources - EMRS

  3. Corporate Social Responsibility CSRs

  4. Direct Dialogue Process -DDP

  5. Cause-Related Funding -CRF

  6. Government Implemented Projects – GIPs


Foreign foundation and trusts

  1. Email Social Marketing - ESM

  2. Foreign Foundation and Trusts Projects – FTPs

  3. Foreign Government Projects – FGPs

  4. International Development Agencies – IDAs


General and basic elements to be prepared

  1. Social Media and visibility creation

  2. Donor relationship Management

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