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Local Fundraising methods

“Fundraising is often seen as merely raising money for an organization. While this remains true, organizations should look at Fundraising as more than just about money. Fundraising should be seen as a management process that identifies people, corporations, and institutions that share the same values of the organization and taking steps to manage that relationship. In effect, it’s all about “friend raising.”


We train the young NGOs and CSOs to understand the needs for a robust system of fundraising and support them to set up the same. It is highly recommended to think of raising funds from the beginning if the good started to continue its existence and create a greater impact.

Contents/Topics for learning

  1. Basic principles of  fundraising to be known

  2. Pillars of fundraising to be built

  3. Your fundraising plan for your services

  4. Techniques to develop your local fundraising

  5. Grants

  6. Earned income

  7. Special event

  8. Direct mail

  9. Major gift solicitation

  10. Capital campaign

  11. Planned giving

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