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Project Management

Project Management

Project management needs a wide variety of skills for NGOs to implement social welfare and development projects. The sustainability and the permanence of a service by an NGO largely depends of the quality of their implementation and reporting. The impact of a project as expected by the donors can be verified from the reporting documents but the report can be produced once the implementation of the project is managed to its detail.

The variety of skills required to implement the project is specified in the contents of the training. We have given the topics that are very import and most needed for any NGO to manage a project without much difficulty.

  1. Short note on what is project management


  • Proposing a mode

  • Concrete objectives

  • Strategy and methodology

  • Project step by step

 Planning the implementation


  • Planning an activity

  • Planning and timing

  • Implementing the project

  • Managing resources

  • Time management

  • Financial resources

  • Fundraising

  • Material and technical resources

  • Managing people

  • Teamwork

  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

3.   Evaluating the project

  • Preparing and conducting an evaluation

  • Evaluation and project planning

  • Planning an evaluation

  • Finishing and reporting

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