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The majority of donors are based in wealthy countries where fundraising technology has been widely available, used, and trusted for nearly two decades, yet as the digital revolution and economic prosperity spread worldwide, we will begin to see more donors emerge from all corners of the globe.

​The first online fundraising tools were released in the late 1990s. Since then individual donors have slowly migrated from giving through direct mail to giving online – and not just to NPOs and NGOs based in their country of residence, but also to organizations worldwide.

​Visually-compelling, effective online campaigns require a financial investment. The good news is that 94% of donors worldwide agree that in order to stay relevant in a digital age NPOs and NGOs must invest financial and staff resources into digital communications. – Global Trends in Giving report by

Social media fundraising training

  1. Brand building for successful fundraising.

  2. Website creation, web id and domain purchase and maintenance

  3. Email ids, email marketing, email campaign, mail client, mail chip, YAMM, G-suite, G-meet.

  4. E-brochure, e-profile, e-newsletter, e-appeal letter,

  5. Social media promotion Face book, Twitter, Instagram, youtube and Linkedin.

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